Have you ever finished a game in NES/Family Computer?

March 4, 2010 3:33am CST
It truly is sweet to remember playing with the family computer...but it sure was hard to play that thing. We only had few NES games (we even had a 120 games in 1 ) at home and I could remember finishing Contra and Rockman 2. I'm currently playing Metal Gear on an emulator and I'd say it really is difficult without the save state options from the emulator. But of course, there were no save states back then. Anyone who finished those games during those times sure are very good players! Hahaha, I remember playing Street Fighter and I was having trouble making Ryu do a hadouken...especially a shoryuuken (I guess it's because I was only around 6 that time). Have you finished a game in the NES/Family Computer (not with an emulator but the real console)? What game(s) did you beat? Did/do you find playing NES easy or hard? I'd love to hear your experiences on playing the NES console. It's something cool to reminisce for us...and something big that the new generation missed.
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• Philippines
30 Mar 10
Hello EnslinPorter, I remember playing Nes, or what we call family computer. The whole family would love playing that. I remember sleeping late at night just to finish a game. I have several games that I was able to finish, some of these are Contra(as you mentioned), Bomberman, Lode Runner & 1942. There are also games that I enjoy a lot but can't remember if I were able to finish it, some of these are Mappy, Pooyan and Adventure Island. My son is also enjoying those games now. But not using the Family computer. My husband had a copy of nes games, and my son would play it using a PC. There is also a no save option for this one, so if my son decided to stop playing, he will start again in stage one when he wants to play again. Take care and enjoy posting -red_amethyst
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
Hahaha, I love Lode Runner! I found it hard when I got stuck and the enemies would climb up from the dug hole It's nice that your son gets to experience the same thing although it's on the PC. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Family Computer red_amethyst!
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
Haha, I think I played this as far as stage 40. nice discussion!
• United States
28 Mar 10
Funny you should mention that :P I'm 17, my older brother (19) just pulled out our old NES a few days ago, and FINALLY beat SMB :P I was playing it like five minutes ago, got to world 8-3 but STILL haven't beat it, I'll probably try again later O.o
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
That's cool! You still have your old NES We found it when we rearranged the house and unfortunately, it got thrown to the garbage
@elmiko (6640)
• United States
26 Mar 10
yeah i beat the whole game on a numerous amount of NES games. ones i can recall beating all of are mega man 3,mike tysons punch-out,all 3 super mario brothers games,bad dudes,duck-tails,the adventures of bayou billy
• Philippines
28 Mar 10
Wow, those are cool games! I definitely miss Punchout. I found it hard because I was able to play Super Punchout on SNES before trying out the original punchout. I miss the early Megaman series.
@Dumpertaker (1188)
4 Mar 10
I only ever finished one game on my NES, and that was Super Mario Bros. I had several games for mine, but I never completed them, but to be fair that was because I played Super Mario Bros so much! I do have a lot of the games on emulator now, some of the older games I think are far better than the games of today!
• Portugal
23 Jan 11
you are right. new gen games are getting ugly
• United States
1 May 12
I remember finishing many NES games. Never had the Famicom, but the NES was good. We only had so many games, but I do remember finishing quite a few. Usually it was games like Contra or Renegade. Super Mario Bros and a few others. Those were the good games, and there were so many others.
@tonev2 (30)
• Bulgaria
27 Sep 11
Well i have many beat games like donkey kong, Popeye,spartan X , Darkwing duck , Super mario bros 1 and 3 , The Goonies , and many many more and all on real hardware :) ( I still have a real NES and a real famicom ( Family Computer ) but i do not have any games for my NES wich is sad but soon i will have some :) ( it is soo hard to get them because of the fact that all NES games are mainly in US and i am to far from US.
• Canada
23 Apr 10
Hi Guys, i have played games like all my life, and there is this game for Nes that i never couldn't finish, it was Ninja Gaiden 1, 2 and 3 woooooooooWWW very hard, but in my way, one of the best creations in that Time..... I Will be have Reviews of Games most of them from psp, psx, ds, N64, and others :)), be my Friend....