What do crows at your window mean and knocking noises in your house?

@dvmurphy (326)
United States
March 4, 2010 9:32pm CST
A little history of what is going on my help explain what I am asking. My son has predicted seven deaths in our family and now wierd stuff is happening again. Our Father died in the house from heart and lung failure 01/01/1999. Our brother died in the house from cancer on 07/08/2009 and now our sister has lung cancer and is terminal, stage four and the cancer has spread to her brain. My son called me tonight and was upset over a show of three crows that came to the upstairs window and stared at him through the screen. Two flu away and the one sat their and stared at him. He felt a threatening omenous presence from the crow before it to finally flew away. He had heard knocking noises in the walls, ceiling and floors weeks before that. Pictures flew off the walls with no breeze in the house, cold spots and the sounds of someone walking in the house had also happened earlier. Are the three rows representing my Father, brother and my sister or does it mean three more deaths. My son warned me tonight to becareful. So far he has never been wrong. I have a heart problem as does my older brother and our sister is terminal. Would you be concerned?
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@redhotpogo (4422)
• United States
5 Mar 10
crows or no crows, with your conditions you should be prepared for anything.
• Malaysia
5 Mar 10
well, crows are bad omens, steer clear from them. knocking in walls when there is no renovation work or repair is a no no, maybe there are 'things 'trying to be released or get out from there. pictures flying also no good. find out from the locals there in the locality who were the occupants/ owners and what happened in the house previously. what was the land usage before this house was built. you can check with the land office on the previous owners and land usage. for christians , the first thing to do is to take all these thoughts, worries and concerns to Lord Jesus and to the church. get the pastors, elders, intercessors and worship groups and home group involved and come over as often as possible to pray in order to wash, cleanse, and blessed the house. they will interceed and pray over every nook, corner and even the attics of the house and the compound of the house. even articles and items in the house are prayed over or thrown out. pray for divine intervention,,Father God's healing grace, mercy and favours to get well and healthy and be blessd with peace, joy and love. pray for the release of the Glory of God into every area of your life, properties etc.let the glory of God flows in your life, house, surrounding etc. do not live fearfully. ask God to help, heal and comfort. pray and give thanks to God. keep the house clean and get medical attention when sick. pray and give thanks and praise to God. the worse case scenario is to move out which is an option to decide. God bless and He is the healer.
• Malaysia
5 Mar 10
Hi dvmurphy, first of all I know nothing about the crows sign. But I do know some people has their psychic ability. My honest opinion here is yes you should be careful and pray to God for his mercy to avoid all these things from being happened.
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
5 Mar 10
Yes I would be very concerned about all this. Its really creepy and scary all at once. I would get Ghost Hunters (TAPS) to come out and see what is going on in this house. If there are bad spirits there they will have a blessing done of the house. Or you could just have a priest come from the Church in your area and bless it. I bet things will get better and the sounds and other weird things that have been happening will go away. Good Luck and God Bless.