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March 6, 2010 10:10pm CST
This is prob going to be a mostly rant topic. I work at a gas station/convenience store. I like my job, I love people, and working with them most of the time. I really do, customers are my job, so I take them seriously. Lately I've been told that I've been doing/saying a lot of things that I would never do/say. I've been called in to the main office about these things. I've also been told that one of my best friends isn't allowed in the store, and that if he does come in that I will get fired. Is this kind of treatment allowed? If not, what can I do about it? Do you think my manager is just trying to find a way to get me fired?
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
11 Mar 10
Are the comlaints to the manager coming from customer's or is a co-worker telling the manager things. I think I would look towards a co-worker, if the complaints aren't coming from actual customer's then the manager should take with a grain of salt. As for the best friend, is he coming to the store and hanging out talking to you, as that could be an issue, if work isn't getting done as needed. Even if work is getting done as needed work isn't the place for friends to hang out. I think I would just mind my p's and q's and request that the manager observe first hand how you handle things and spek to the customers. Good luck to you.
• United States
13 Mar 10
The complaints are coming from so called customers, I have the same customers all the time, and they all know/watch me work. It's always someone the manager knows saying things to her about me. It's never a random person, it's always someone she knows. Which I find a bit suspicious. He rarely came in. When he did he would get his merchandise and leave. Before I had this particular manager he would come in every night when I closed - only when I closed - and sit with me. That was only for my protection though, since I was by myself at night, He would ask if he was allowed before he did as well. He never thought it was right for me to be the only one at the store all night. I always get my work done, I just don't do it in the speed that other workers do, so they take an issue with that.
@Hatley (164507)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Mar 10
hi valerieanne I do not know just where you are but here in the US I think most states have what I think is called labor boards where you can lodge a protest against being mistreated by an employer if I am not mistaken. do see what you can find. I just do not think that kind of treatment is allowed? Could be your manager is trying to get you fired. Do you have a boss over the manager? Could you go to this person and make a protest? my best wishes for you. good luck.
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• United States
7 Mar 10
Hi there Hatley. Thank you for replying. I live in Cincinnati. I believe we do, to my knowledge have labour centres. I don't think it is right either, but everybody I know says it is. That's why I wanted to check with the kind people on mylot to see your opinions on the issue.
@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
10 Mar 10
Hi! That sounds like a bad situation to work in. Has your manager recently changed? I mean, do you have a new manager? I'd tell him that you aren't doing or saying those things and ask why your friend has been banned from the store? You really can't help if your friend comes in, and it'd be wrong to tell them they can't just because of what your boss said. It does sound like he may be just trying to figure out a way to get you fired.