Do u have the habit of flossing teeth?

March 7, 2010 8:12am CST
Hi,my dear friend.Do u have the habit of flossing teeth?I have this habit,bcz it can keep my teeth clean and healty.What r about u?Share with me.
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• Estonia
8 Mar 10
I don't like flossing my teeth because it irritates my gum. I've tried to start flossing a couple of times, but every time it ended with bleeding gum, so I've decided to use chewing gum instead. I know it can't clean as good as the floss, but it still has a positive effect on mouth hygiene.
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@mythociate (15731)
• Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
18 Jan 11
No, but I rinse with blue mouthwash!
7 Mar 10
I only use floss if I have something stuck in between my teeth. i know I should use it everyday as part of my detal care routine, but to be honest, it can be so time consuming.
• Philippines
7 Mar 10
i always do that after i eat but not outside of course, only if i got home then after that i brush my teeth as brushing teeth alone cant really make our teeth clean specially those in between teeth. even dentist still advise of using floss to really clean our teeth followed by brushing. teeth is still the best asset for ll of us as no matter how pretty you are if you have ugly teeth then im sure you will look ugly.
@fattymc (140)
7 Mar 10
I have a habit about being self conscious when it comes to my teeth, so I will be willing to do anything that will help my teeth like flossing. Yes it's a good habit to get into flossing, that's why I do it. It also removes food from your teeth, and it can rot in there if it's not removed. So, I keep flossing in mind when it comes to my teeth.