not everyone is make to become a millionaire

March 9, 2010 2:37am CST
yes, not everyone is make to be a milliomaire. why do i ask this? firstly, it has to do with the character of the person. a person who is careful and cautious will not take risk, especially big risk. he will put his savings in the savings or fixed deposits. interests rates are not attractive and thus the compound impact is minimal. he buys into unit trust, the conservative ones where growth in small and at times declines. talk abour share market, he may or may not even venture into it. again, the country or environment the person is in, is another indicator. for example a businessman in China now makes more money than his business counterparts elsewhere as China is an emerging rich nation now. the conservative man will have enough to live comfortably with his basic needs cover and some holidays here and in restaurants/ hotels on big occassions like a wedding feast etc. on the other hand, a man who dares and have guts to venture and invest can come out as a millionaires many times over.he takes high risks and calculated risks. such man perhaps come from a business background or a self made man with vision. he works hard, plans , strategise his moves and make right decision and takes right action at the right time and right place. look around you, there are many millionaires that are still around during the recession and there are also millionaires that have fallen. but they did become millionaires and some still are, making their millions and giving away like Bill Gates. what is it that they have ?
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@vandana7 (66158)
• India
9 Mar 10
Hi gracefuldove, first and foremost, thank you for accepting my FR. :) You suddenly disappeared after I sent FR. So I thought may be, I scared you off with the prospect of having to teach me some English. :) Coming to your statement, I think a hardworking millionaire has less time to visit hotels. Even when he is there, he is socializing with people who might be more keen to get a better deal from him, so he has to keep his wits about him all the time! He is too engrossed with various possibilities to notice that he is being served in best possible plates and is getting best possible linen. :) At the end of it all, it is either in his bank balance, or in his wife's jewelry. He gets no chance to say - enough is enough! Instead, press hounds him like it did Bill Gates. If he does charity, he cannot afford to give less than what people expect - so he has to forego some other project or pleasure! Otherwise, people would be talking about him like they did about Howard Hughes. :) Is that something worth taking risks for? :) I am not sure I am interested in that kind of wealth. :)
• Malaysia
10 Mar 10
thanks vandana for your response. your english is good, thus no need for me to give you tips or even to teach you. millionaires, they are busy people making money. day in ,day out, its money money on their mind, heart and soul. their waking hours is spent making money and even when they sleep, they dream of making more money. they just have a hang with money. they are the positive , money making machine and they enjoy making money.they draw money like magnet. money is important in life. with money alot of divorces will not happen as i heard that 80% of divorces is due to money or financial problems. this is the reality of life. i just want my family,closed ones, relatives and friends including you mylotters friends to be in excellent health, blessings from Father God.then with the blessings, we get prosperity too as God wants to prosper us and to give us future and hope. so to me, excellent health follows by plenty of money to lead a good life and to expand the kingdom of God. the poor, needy, orphans, poor widows ( there are rich widow around) and destitues are close to the heart of God, so with money, we can feed and clothe these people. right. God bless.
• India
11 Mar 10
hello grace , no body becomes a millionaire over night, it needs dedication and struggle, sons of millionaire are usually flaps, because they inherited everything, all can't do business too, if not careful and tactful failure is a must thank you so much for this discussion, be happy always, cheers bhuwan