Do you sometimes feel lonely and that nobody can understand you?

@grkelly (1216)
March 10, 2010 3:06pm CST
Most people have the vision that marraige is going to be full of happiness and fullfillment and that the partner understands everything and takes care of you. But it is not always that way. At times you may feel at a loss and very lonely. It is as if nobody understands how tired and frustrated you are feeling? Does this happen to you? Has your partner become a different person over the years and seems to understand you less rather than more at times?
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@phyrre (2322)
• United States
11 Mar 10
I married my best friend who I knew since Kindergarden, so I knew full well that he understood me as well as I understood him. Still, I understand what you're talking about. Sometimes I wonder why he does or says things that he knows annoy or upset me and then gets mad because I'm annoyed/upset. He also never understands why I get upset or how to tell when I'm upset. He's the only person in the world that can't tell when I'm crying on the phone. xD Even so, I knew marriage wasn't a cake walk when I decided to get married. We don't always see eye to eye and he doesn't always understand, but he's still my best friend and the greatest person in the world to me and I wouldn't trade it for the world. People have to remember that your spouse is only human. As much as it annoys me when he doesn't understand how I feel or what I believe, I know that it annoys him when I do the same. But we're not exactly the same person, so there's always going to be those differences. As long as you truly love the person it's ok. ^_^
10 Mar 10
yeap i do, its kind of annoying.