Do your kids have snack time in school?

United States
@Shar19 (8237)
March 11, 2010 1:01pm CST
In my daughter's school which is an elementary school, the kids have a snack time that is probably about ten minutes each day. The snack time is either in the morning or afternoon, depending on what time the child has lunch and what grade they are in. Every day I pack my daughter a little snack and juice box or water bottle. At least once or twice a week she comes home with the snack and drink and says that the teacher didn't let them have their snack that day. This happened again just yesterday. This has been going on all school year. My daughter's grade doesn't have lunch until 1:00pm which means if they don't get to have their morning snack which is around 10:30am, then it's been 6 hours without a snack or drink until lunch time. I think this is cruel to make the kids go that long. These kids are only in the second grade. I have brought this up with her teacher months ago during the first parent/teacher conference. The teacher admitted that she makes the kids have a "working snack" and that sometimes they don't get their snack because she wants to keep working through their lessons. This lady is a work horse in my opinion. Do your schools have a snack time for the kids and if so, do they get to stop working to eat their snack and how long is the snack time? Do any of your kids have a teacher like this? If so, did you do anything about it? What would you do?