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March 11, 2010 11:01pm CST
This is the story of my friend: She is 26 years old and she had only 1 boyfriend before she meet this guy Lee, a happy go lucky guy, unemployed and 5 years younger than she is. She feels like she is old enough to be "still single" and she is really looking for a man that she could marry soon. She don't want to reach 30 years old without a husband or a boyfriend, because she said that she is teased by some friends and relatives that she is getting old. For her, that is full pressure. When they met, lee have a girlfriend from a nearby city, at first they are just going out as friends, but later on she and lee become officially in a relationship within 1 week of dating. to cut the story short, my friend got pregnant. She really planned the pregnancy because she dont want to let go of lee, she thinks this is the opportunity she is looking for.. Because lee is younger than she is, the parents of lee is a bit hesitant on whether the would allow him to marry her and the fact that he is unemployed makes the situation even worse. They eventually get married, the problem is: They always fight, they always quarrel over every little things, my friend told me that she is sometimes crying over their relationship. She feels that lee don't value her as much as before. She said he is very irresponsible and hot tempered. She sometimes said that she wants to have legal separation if their situation wont get better. What do you think we can advice her to do? Any comments?
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@bounce58 (17523)
• Canada
12 Mar 10
I think the reason why Lee is recently hot-tempered all the time is that he feels his youth has been curtailed. If he himself willingly went into this marriage, yet now starting to show signs of regret, then maybe he's just not ready for the responsibility. Specially with a baby on the way. I think if your friend is ready to face life on her own, then she wouldn't need Lee. Let him go. I'm sure she'll be fine. If Lee still wants to be part of the family, then let him show it by facing his own responsibilities.
• India
12 Mar 10
Sorry to here this friend this is a sad news now she can get seperate with him otherwise she will be in some serious condition on this situation it is really tuff to take some good suggestion