After a special moment with the one you love, you will surely have a good sleep

@markmoney (2868)
March 13, 2010 8:45am CST
Do you agree? It is really good to sleep when you have spent a special moment with the one you love on that day. Spending our time with the one we love is really special. Before you sleep, you can still remember what happened and it will just make you smile. Every time I spend my time with the one I love, I always have a good sleep. I will sleep with a smile on my face and I will wake up with the same smile. It's very comfortable feeling. Haha! How about you, do you feel the same? Do you always have a good sleep after spending your time with the one you love? How good is your feeling? I would be glad to hear from you. Happy myLotting!
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• Philippines
15 Mar 10
I know how happy you are now Markmoney and I hope that happiness if for forever. Of course, we are happy with the one we love. But that happiness do not last for long, especially when you have misunderstanding.It is good to fall in love, but it hurts too. However, you will not appreciate the happiness without being lonely. I have crushes, I have a really good time spending a day with them. I even write a journal because i count those days as one of the best in my life, and that includes a very comfortable and sounding sleep after a day. And as I said before, my cells are happy that is why I look beautiful (4G).
@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
15 Mar 10
yes, i feel the same way too. it is really a good sleep for me after spending great moments with my loved ones. sometimes, being so good sleep, you will wake up late.
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
14 Mar 10
I love making special memories with the ones I love. During the school holidays I go to sleep with a smile at night remembering the fun things my daughter and I did together and as far as my husband goes sometimes I will have that same smile not so much because of an outing or a special occasion but it may be because of a nice gesture or a certain look...Here is to lots of special memories!!
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
13 Mar 10
Hi, markmoney. I feel almost the same way. I know with me, I will have a very hard time in trying to go to sleep that night. I will be relinquishing the special moments that we both shared together. I will be thinking about it so much that it will be hard for me to just go to sleep that night.
@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Mar 10
hi markmoney yes indeed when my adult son comes to visit with me, I will sleep very well indeed. I get lonely here in this retirement center with one hundred other people. oh I have friends here but family is family, and casual friendship doesnt stand a chance against one 's own loved ones. I am a widow so my only close f amily is my son so a visit with him is very precious to me.