why are we scared of our own children???

South Africa
March 15, 2010 7:03am CST
Hi, I have noticed in the past few years how children are starting to take over the house because of parents who cannot disipline them. I know that their are people who abuse rather then disipline, but Since when did children decide what they want to eat every night? I dont know if you watch super nanny, if you could only see the parents crying & going on worse then the 4 year old's they are suppose too look after??? Stop being so Soft!!! you dont have too hit your children in order to disipline them!!! Simply TAKE CONTROL!!!! For all the parents out their, I would appreciate it if you would share your methods. Thank You
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@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
15 Mar 10
Oh, I know how you feel. I see children whose parents can't seem to control their children. There even came a time when I could hear a mother asking his son what the son wants and if the son says that he didn't want to eat the veggies, the mom would hurriedly change the food. I mean, with these types of mom, and children knowing more than moms or parents do, so why the need for them to go to school if they're so knowledgeable at this age? It's similar actually in schools. Wherein, teachers and educators seem to be afraid of students, and students disrespecting them even more. I think it's because of too much laws on protection of children. I think it's taking the toll on the discipline and attitude of the youth of today. Too much protection just showed them that parents and educators can't tough them, else they could easily call child services and anyone (with the right intention to discipline their child or their student) could be charged with something and could be locked up for such a behavior. It's sad really. But we can't blame the kids for our over-protection. Then what's ironic is that we want to start disciplining these people when they're already grown up and then we'd like them rehabilitated. Why not start when they're still young and there's still hope for them to change?
• South Africa
15 Mar 10
I couldn't agree more. But if we discipline our children at home, and teach them too have respect for their teachers like we were tought, then the teachers job would also be easier. I have seen a young boy aged 7, stab his brother 3 times with a knife!!! In my opinion this all comes from TV. parents allow their children to watch anything nowadays. Thinking "ahh, its just a movie". This is exactly the reason why our children are "getting out of hand". If you watch MTV for instance, all it shows you is gangster rappers & SH!t. And then we complain when 12year olds are involved in gangs??? It is what they are shown 24/7!!! I recently saw a movie wich was Rated R18 when I was younger & considered to be completely inapropriate. When I saw it the other day the Rating was PG13. When are the Standards going to Stop Dropping, because our children,education & Lifestyle standards are dropping with it & even faster....