It is SOOOOO much better now!

United States
March 17, 2010 12:26pm CST
I started a discussion a few days ago about how jealous my boyfriend was and how it was causing a strain on our relationship. I had quite a few responses, and they were all helpful, so thank you! I sat my boyfriend down and talked to him and explained that if he didn't stop being so jealous and accusing me of absurd things, he was going to do nothing but push me away. So we negotiated some things and he said he was really going to try. He said it wasn't that he didn't trust me, he didn't trust any other guys, and he would just feel more comfortable knowing what I was doing constantly. I explained that everyone feels that way, but you must have trust to have a healthy relationship. Since this talk we had, I have felt so much better and our relationship seems healthier already. I am so glad that we worked through this! So if you have a jealous boyfriend, you should try this. Has anyone else went through this as well?? Let me know!
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@overwith (101)
• United States
19 Mar 10
hey em i'm glad things worked out so far. if it don't last remember that there is always other fish. i'm not saying give up on your boyfriend but in a relationship it needs to be give and take. just don't do all the giving.
@rsa101 (16160)
• Quezon City, Philippines
18 Mar 10
So I guess the only thing lacking in here is communication. I am glad that the talk went on smoothly between the two of you. I guess it is an important thing to have in a relationship. From there all things can be talked about and a compromised can be agreed upon.
@yresh12 (3219)
• Philippines
17 Mar 10
I think that was good idea. I'm happy that you were able to talk things out and compromise. You should also prove to him that he could trust you, for this to work.