do you appreciate your partner for their small gesture of love?

@ksmita (515)
March 18, 2010 5:07pm CST
hi. appreciating partners makes the relationship more strong and deeper. we need to be appreciated for our little gestures which is filled with love. but , when it goes unnoticed, it makes us feel sad for alteast some time. are you generous with appreciating your partner ?
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@starlitn (67)
• New Zealand
18 Mar 10
Yes I agree we should be appreciative of eachother. It was only last night I had a small arguement with my partner. He's a very friendly guy and gets along with both male and female sexes. So I'm able to adjust to this. However, he kept texting one particular lady whom I know also. Last night I'd had enough and told him so. And he almost wanted to dramatize it, until I said all I wanted was a little attention. I give him so much, half the things I do tho, he doesn't seem to take notice. I think after that little arguement, he changed his tune. He even got a few things ready for me thismorning lol.
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
18 Mar 10
Hi ksmita. Yes, I appreciate any gesture of love that my husband portrays to me. I always do. When he loves touching and rubbing me, I will always say to him that he wants to just fondle all of the time. But, he tells me that this is his way of expressing himself to me. So, I have just given into his love and appreciation that he shows me regularly. I love when he makes me feel like his one and only woman.
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• Philippines
22 Mar 10
yes, i am very appreciative of my husband's small gesture of love. i always give a kiss and a hug, even for a glass of water he prepared for me after my breakfast. i appreciate everything he did to me, be it small or big, because i know, it always feels good to be appreciated.
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@Hatley (164395)
• Garden Grove, California
19 Mar 10
hi ksmita oh how true you are and i really did try to thank my' hubby when he was alive for all the dinners he made when I worked 'late, for the cups of coffee, the back rubs, the little I love yous and hope he did know just how v ery much I loved him. I have been a widow for years now. My son I try to thank for all the computer maintenance he has done for me and usually I do thank him but sometimes 'I am sure I do forget which is not kind of me. but maybe he does know how much I do appreciate it.
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