When Computers are Worth Dirt (Share your technology-sucks stories here)

United States
March 18, 2010 5:24pm CST
So I'm sure you've been there. You were up all night working on an important research paper and just when you were about to print... your computer crashes. No, not just crashes, experiences a true melt-down. No amount of clicking "save" can save you now, you've lost your entire hard drive. Or has your computer ever contracted a virus so bad nothing would run? Have you ever stared at a kernel-panic screen after believing you've fixed the problem for the millionith time? Personally, I find it funny that the new computers in this house have had more crashes, meltdowns, and breakdowns than the fifteen year old Windows 95 machine my Dad still likes to use. Absolutely no new software runs on it, but it still runs like a dream. I still have my Windows XP that started having restart meltdowns two days out of the box. The hard-drive on this machine has crashed and been replaced twice. My sister's machine has had all sorts of viruses and spyware creep into it, despite a frantic effort on her part to keep up to date with security and run scans every week. Even my Mac has a chronic kernel-panic problem. Don't say you know how to fix that problem, because whatever your solution is, we've tried it already. So how about you? Ever had a bad crash that made you want to swear off computers for the rest of your life?
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@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
19 Mar 10
new programs just annoys me sometimes. 5 years ago simple application (word, photoshop, GAMES) only require 100-200 MBs of diskspace to run. but now they need 4-5 GBs. they still generally do the same thing. i think having a huge program is a hassle. when i was in uni 5 years ago the computers are a lot simpler (not as simple as win95 tho). all the basic programmes are very 'light' and only the serious programs require 1GB of diskspace to install and run. and guess what, those are the programs that make the computers crash. well we do have tech improvements. and in computer world, 5 years is a lot of improvements. but the programs also gets more complicated (even to do simple stuff they manage to complicate it) and as for computers, like you said allyoftherain, they seem to crash more often. seems we need to get a new computer every two years of deal with the crashes huh?
@BlueGoblin (1832)
• United States
18 Mar 10
I use Vista and i swear my computer freezes every time I select 'Computer' and look through my folders. It freezes whenever I open an Abobe file too. Overall I can't stand my computer. McAfee makes it even worse.