have you finish a very thick pages of books?

@jobmoone (442)
March 21, 2010 2:55am CST
I dopne reading books that have few pages but thick ones like some thousands pages were somewhat tiring to finish it. It takes really enourmos desire to finish reading thick ones.
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• Philippines
21 Mar 10
Yes, I've finished some pretty thick books. I remember "Breaking Dawn" from Twilight Saga is pretty thick, and I've finished it in less than a week ;) When I was reviewing for my state board, I read a thick book from cover to cover. I'm a bookworm, and the thicker the book, the better. I feel it is worth every penny if I buy a thick book with thousands of pages.
• China
21 Mar 10
i love reading books, which can make me relaxed. when i am tired, i dont want to read thick ones, because i have enough time to do that, i prefer to reading some short story, and the short story can let me forget the trouble, bring me to another world, which have no pressure, no sadness, no problems.
@prince05 (92)
• Philippines
21 Mar 10
nope, i have no plans in finishing one..for me reading a book is just too boring..im more of a kinesthetic person.
@humairaku (2039)
• Indonesia
21 Mar 10
for me it depends on the book. if it is interesting enough to read, I will try to finish reading it though it has very thick pages. but, if it is not too interesting, I wouldn't finish it though it consists of few pages. I really like John Grisham's novel. all his novels are thick I think, but I always finish reading all of them. and the thickest maybe is The Chamber. I need two weeks reading it.