Can you take the risk on buying Toyota and Honda?

United States
March 21, 2010 11:37am CST
Despite the fact that Toyota and Honda have bad reputation with its auto vehicle right now, it may not mean that every single one of them are defective, and dangerous to drive. On a discussion with my friend, my friend absolutely won't take that risk, until they clear every problem of both brand names. But right now, I think it is a good time to purchase the brand new prius, and the hybrid of Toyota, the price just a good deal, and I can stomach it even though they have bad reputation right now. I can even slash the price even lower if I am willing to negotiate. Would you still want to buy the Toyota and Honda?
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@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
21 Mar 10
I don't know if for you and your friend honda and toyota are not safe cars!!I knew many people driving some models about these brands and they haven't problems at all so i don't know if it is a strange rumours coming from your country and how hese cna be effective too!!Sopersonally i lke the honda civic from honda and even toyota yaris which it is less costly!!
• Philippines
21 Mar 10
Toyota and honda usually are not defective. Maybe just a couple of months now they made silly designs that fails. but there are more un-save cars out there beware of them not only in toyota honda
@beeeckie (803)
• United States
21 Mar 10
I have a Toyota (albeit a 1999 Rav4, a model which has not been part of the recall thus far and probably won't be) and I still trust Toyota. They are taking the proper steps to fix the cars that need fixes and upgrades, and although they should have started the recall sooner, they're still very good cars. The ones we need to be wary of are the people like the guy in California who faked his acceleration to try and fleece Toyota and get himself a new car. It's not Toyota's fault he's in debt! People like that hurt the economy badly.