This is not right way to love one girl?

@gooper (58)
March 21, 2010 10:41pm CST
I fell in love with one girl who was my classmate.But now, she is in a different city. I want be together with her, should I go to that city? If I promise her I will marry her three years later, just like Jet li did, she will accept it? or not? I don't know what girls are thinking.So, girls, if one man promise you he want be together with you, and want to marry you, how do you think about this?
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@phyrre (2324)
• United States
22 Mar 10
That really depends on the situation. Were you dating at all before she moved? Was she interested in you, or did you ever mention how much you like her? If you were dating, moving with someone is a big decision to make. You have to consider your situation. Where will you stay, how will you afford it, etc. Are you still in high school? Will your parents let you go? Will you be able to continue school, whether it be college or high school? These are questions you have to ask yourself. I can't really necessarily advise against it. You have to follow your heart. After my boyfriend and I were dating for four months he moved out of state with me (800 miles away from home) and we started living together for the first time and making a life of our own. He did it because that's what he felt was right, despite his family telling him not to, and because we couldn't imagine being without each other. Now we're happily married and both of us are really glad he didn't listen to his family and he decided to move with me. ^_^ You never know what might happen. I can't say that she'll say yes or not, but don't rush into things, either. I know it may seem like you love her now, but it's easy to fall out of love or get in over your head and find out that's not really what you want. If you're going through all this trouble, make sure this is a decision you're not going to regret.
@gooper (58)
• China
22 Mar 10
Whether or no, thanks for you advice. Now, she has her job, and I have my job. She said that she want be together with me all the time. But she do not want me to change for her. If we are in the same city, maybe we can be together, but we don't. We have been stay this situation for one more year. But I can not forger her at all. I have one feeling, we will be together. I think, we are good, we will be good.