Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man

@hvedra (1623)
March 22, 2010 8:36am CST
Has anyone else seen this? I'd heard that Eddie Izzard was running marathons to raise awareness and money for Sport Relief but hadn't paid too much attention. I originally thought he must have been training for months but he hadn't. He's only had a few weeks training and wasn't very fit when he started out. I've seen people who got through things just with determination but Eddie was very inspiring, he just kept going even when he was in a lot of pain. He ran 27 miles a day, 6 days a week for 7 weeks. Do you think you could manage something like that?
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@celticeagle (119823)
• Boise, Idaho
23 Mar 10
I used to jog 7 miles a day, seven days a week until I started having bad pains in my legs and had to quit. Even the insert a specialist made for my shoes didn't help. I have a big difference between the lengths of both my legs. Enough that it causes me problems. I used to run hurtles in junior high but had to quit.
@sblossom (2170)
22 Mar 10
I watched it last night on BBC1. he's really amazing. I enjoyed the program very much. after it I would pay attention on him more. He did a great job, but for ordinary person it is not easy. he had a support team, we don't have. in fact I don't think i can run so far and so long, but maybe i can walk around England. I wish I can make it one day. my husband said i need money to do it. he always hit me with some practical reason. I wish i can have some friends then we can do it together.
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