Precinct finder from COMELEC official Website

@rsa101 (13350)
March 22, 2010 9:48pm CST
I just had a big scare from this site. Yesterday I have heard about the Comelec Website that says you could locate your precinct in the website so I tried accessing it I checked my wife's record and it was there and active so I proceeded to checking my record only to find out that it said that my record was deactivated and I cannot vote this coming election. It alarmed me because I never failed to vote in that precinct and only know I know that my records was deactivated. I tried calling them but their number was busy all the time. When I got home I got hold of my voter's ID and planned to call them. The next day I tried calling them again and got confused since I tried calling other numbers since the number that was supposed to be my district cannot be contacted. I talk to one employee there and tried to verify my name if it is indeed deactivated but the clerk there said my record is okay and active. I was relieved to know but I was quite disappointed with the site. They should have deactivated it if it will just cause voters to get disenfranchised knowing that their records are deactivated for no reason at all. I just hope they could somehow synchronize their online data with the data offline because it may give the wrong information.