Healing Sessions

March 24, 2010 4:52am CST
I attended a healing session last night. This is not just a mere session but a healing mass. Actually, I was just curious to see what the visionary does there. They say that the visionary (which I think is a boy), heals through rose petals where holy images may appear. Well, I thought he may just help me get blessings for my want list.I wasn't feeling any illness yesterday. But I got frustrated because the visionary did not come. But since I was already there, I decided to proceed with the mass and the session. When the healing session started, one of the words that touched me was about forgiving. Some studies showed that one of the causes of some illnesses are the pains which we kept hidden in our hearts. That's why prayer for forgiveness is included in the healing session. And it's not only about healing of the body, but of one's heart,mind and soul and even from financial difficulties. I felt like weeping because I knew that I was hiding pains in my heart and I've already forgotten how to forgive. But through God's grace I finished the session with a feeling of relief. Have you attended a healing session already? How was it held? How did you feel after the session?
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@Pose123 (21667)
• Canada
25 Mar 10
Hi 1Mdollarmom, A number of years ago I did attend a couple of such sessions but felt nothing and I never known anyone to be healed, although I've heard it talked about. I'm responding to your discussion because I think that you bring up a very good point, that of forgiveness which I feel certain is the cause of many illnesses. The fact that this touched you is good and there would be healing there if there was true forgiveness. Blessings.
• Philippines
26 Mar 10
Yes, it's true. One doesn't need to attend any healing session, because healing should start from within. However,forgiveness is a hard thing to do that one may need some help from other people.
@EvanHunter (4028)
• United States
25 Mar 10
Not a healing session per say but we do have praying for those who are in need. I was curious what type of church/religion do you go to? Yes I know very well how not being able to forgive can tear your life apart and keep you from leading a productive life.
• Philippines
25 Mar 10
I'm a Catholic. It's good to know that there are people like you who spend time to help people through prayers.