Google Chrome saved me - what is your favorite add-on?!

March 25, 2010 6:28am CST
I was responding to a discussion here in mylot and it was unusually big! 5 minutes later, I had completed typing out that huge response! Okay, let us go ahead and submit it - I clicked the Post response button and then the next page shows up in a jiffy saying that - [b][i]Page not responding Refresh or try again later .... and some other crap[/i][/b] So, I was pissed off when I refreshed and the post response page and then, the text box comes empty!!! - A mixture of both!!! Then, I had installed a add-on called Lazarus in my Chrome which had a backup for any text which I typed in the text box! So, I just opened the add-on and just with a click of a button, the whole text was restored again ! Whew - I was happy with this add-on and Chrome browser!! What is your favorite add-on and do you have any other instance like this???
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@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
26 Mar 10
I am using Chrome too but I have not put add-on in it, Lazarus will be very useful for us Myloters because I often face the same problem with you. Don't you hated that when you already type a long response and suddenly that happen. Thanks for the info I will try it.
• Romania
26 Mar 10
My favorite add on in firefox is rikaichan, when you hover over a text in other language, it shows the meaning of it in English, I use it for Japanese, and it shows allot of information especially about kanji, on, kun, stroke nr. etc
@Asylum (48273)
• Manchester, England
26 Mar 10
I do not use add ons for browsers at all. I do not even bother to select a browser, but simply use the default one, which means that I use Internet Explorer when running Windows 7 and Firefox when using Ubuntu. I have been amazed at the number of add ons that browsers have offered over the recent years, but they must be popular or they would stop producing them. I must admit that I have had the same problem in the past when the page has not loaded, so I have had to retype the post. This can be really annoying if you have typed a long response.
@saphrina (31740)
• South Africa
25 Mar 10
No, i don't play with everything i see. You can be glad your pc did not blow up. Leave those things alone, you will pop a vessel. TATA.
@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
25 Mar 10
good thing you're over 500+ posts too. mylot newbies like me can't copy/paste stuff yet. i am actually just started using chrome again this week. i installed it again like 6 months ago but decided i like firefox better. but things happened this week and firefox have been causing some pretty weird problems for me. and the solution is chrome. i didn't know chrome have add-ons. lol. me