Are there any subjects you're just tired of seeing books about?

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March 25, 2010 8:02pm CST
Hey mylotters, I'm an avid reader. While I'm not one of those people who says silly things like, "Nothing is original anymore!", there are a few subjects I'm just plain sick and tired of seeing books about. I'm a big fantasy reader, and I love mythical creatures! But I'm sick of vampires. I've been sick of vampires. I was sick of vampires BEFORE Twilight. (And yes, they were quite a popular subject even back then.) I'm somewhat sick of dragons. There are plenty of books on the subject but there aren't nearly as many movies so I'm not quite sick to the point that I've just stopped reading them. I'd like to see books about other mythical creatures. I'm sick of the feminist princess/maiden in the dark ages plot line in either fantasy or historical fiction. It's not that I don't like girl power, it's just that GEE WHIZ I've seen this a hundred times! It's just not fun. They seem more whiny than independent to me! If it seems to me like a book is going to go this way then I just don't pick it up! How about you? Any subjects or plotlines that you're sick of seeing?
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@sulynsi (2836)
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26 Mar 10
I thought only my DAD said that! (there's nothing new or original) I used to think he was being a bit of an intellectual snob You know, though,the older I get, it seems more and more true. There is such a glut of material on the market, and it is often produced to appeal to a mass audience because the idea is to make money. Appealing to a mass audience, I suspect, may water down talent and ideas? Good idea for a discussion!
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