Not Sure About HIs Love

@raulj1 (111)
March 25, 2010 8:20pm CST
This girl at sixteen had a seaman boyfriend. She was contented with their relationship despite the distance. But when the man proposed to marry her, she rejected him and broke up with him because she was afraid and wanted to finish her studies first. When she was in third year college, he courted her again. Because she still loved him, she accepted him back. But she heard she had also a beautiful girlfriend, a nurse by profession, so she felt insecure. Please help her what to do...
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• Philippines
11 Apr 10
If she really love the man she should make any second thought. Maybe, she is just young to feel secure to herself.I would say that she has nothing feel insecure because the fact that the man courted her again in spite of rejecting his proposal before that is a big proof that the man loves her. She should not entertain any insecurities because a man who trully loves a woman he looks to that the woman as the most beautiful woman in the world. For him she is the most beautiful in the world.Go girl!
@b3ginn3r (224)
• Philippines
26 Mar 10
Verify if the information is true. It's not good to make decisions based on unconfirmed information. But I agree that she should first finish her studies. If she finishes her studies, she'll have a good future with or without the guy. And if the guy loves her as what he's been saying, he'll understand and wait for her to be ready for marriage.
@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
26 Mar 10
Well, obviously the guy isn't really serious with her. She actually did good when she rejected him because she wanted to finish school. I'd suggest she do that instead of hoping he will leave other women for her. Seamen are known for having a lot of women, and if she'd find herself insecure because he has a girlfriend, I tell you it's not worth it. She'd be better off finding someone better than to spend her life being insecure and paranoid of who the guy is with this time. Tell her to finish her studies, and let men run after her and not the other way around. Life is too short for drama.