immigrating to Canada doe anyone have this experience?

March 28, 2010 4:05am CST
Last summer i went to Canada to visit family. When i got there it was so nice. The people are so friendly i love the nature and the weather is so nice. First i went to victoria Island and after 10 days to Penticton When i met the family after years again i felt like i was home. I live at the moment in Holland but i hate my country and the people living in it. They are rude agressive and selfish and they cannot be trusted. I never felt good in Holland and the weather also suck. I always had the feeling the America or Canada would be the best Countries for me to live in. So i only have been in Canada but i just love it.When i got back in Holland from holidays i felt so bad and i miss my family. So in about a couple of years i do hope to immigrate to Canada for good.My family members did and they do not ever want to go back to Holland ever again. So does anyone has the experience for moving to Canada? Please share your experience.
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@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
11 Apr 10
I shall be visiting Canada this summer. I will be flying with my toddler son and baby daughter to Vancouver. I hope to go and see Vancouver Island. If there is time I would be happy to go and see the Rocky Mountains. English is my mother tongue language. Over the years I have had the chance to go to other English speaking counties. I did consider emigrating to Australia because it is so wonderful there. I adored it in New Zealand in the summer time. In the winter I would not enjoy it nearly as much. Canada has cold winters so it is a summer trip for me. I like America for a visit and have been there three times. I loved it in sunny Cape Town and would be happy there in their summer time my winter time. I felt really happy when I went to Belize and it is a tropical paradise. Dutch people are usually fluent in several different languages. I studied in the Netherlands and liked it there. The ABC islands are in the Caribbean Sea. They are Dutch. I imagine Canada is quite challenging to emigrate to. You probably need a job offer. Australia and New Zealand have a points test. Good luck with going to live in Canada.
• Netherlands
20 Apr 10
Hi thanks for sharing.I have been thinking about America too.Especially the parts where it is always warm.I don't really like winters at all! Vancouver island is really beautiful it's definitely a recommend.I think you will like Canada too.Penticton is a 4 or 5 hour drive from Vancouver.Temperatures are different than in Vancouver as Penticton is more like a desert. Vancouver is more like Holland with the temperatures.So not too hot and not too cold. Moving to Canada is easier when you already have family.It is true that you need a job offer or go out and search for a job there.As long as you have a backup there and you need at least money to pay rent for three months and for grocery. Have a nice time this summer in Canada you will love it.
@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
30 Mar 10
well canada is nice country with lots of culture , i would love to stay in there but i do not have experience migarting there yea .
• Netherlands
1 Apr 10
yes that's what i love in Canada and the people are so friendly.I was completely shocked when i was there last summer.
@maximax8 (28559)
• United Kingdom
10 Jan 11
Last summer I traveled with my disabled toddler son and my baby daughter to Canada. We flew into Vancouver and spent time there, went to Vancouver Island and saw a little more of British Columbia. During that time we went to visit our relatives on a rural island a boat ride away from Vancouver Island. My sister's mother in law is English but she spent years living and working in Canada. Now she lives in England and so does my sister's husband. Her other sons all live in Canada. M lives in Vancouver and we met up with him. We went to visit P and his family on the island I mentioned. M was on vacation in America at the time we visited Canada. He lives on another of the islands. This Christmas we met J and his wife plus their daughter. They live in Ottawa, Canada. Canada would be a lovely country to move to. Now I have a disabled child it wouldn't be very possible for me to move to a different country. In the past I did consider emigrating to Australia. Emigration can be a long process so good luck.
• United States
11 Jun 10
I moved to Canada 8 years ago from Texas. The process was quite easy for me because my company's lawyers did all the work and I was classified as NAFTA. It is best if you have an education or are a licensed tradesperson. Once I got here I got married and applied for residency. The process was easy to the point of being scary. There was actually a statement in the guide that if I admitted to being a reformed terrorist I could be fast-tracked. I also found out later that if I had paid an extra $100 I could have gotten my citizenship. If you are not coming over with a company supplied work visa I would suggest a visit to the Canadian Consulate or Embassy. You will want all the correct paperwork the first time and they should be able to provide that. I would also suggest that when you get accepted for landed status that when you fly to Canada you avoid Edmonton. The airport is so small the border services have nothing better to do than to give you a hard time. Flying through Calgary is much easier.
@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
7 Jun 10
We also plan to move to Canada. We here it's a very nice place to live in, especially for families. I'm just not sure on how to apply to get to Canada. We're considering migration through professional work. Is that any good?