Health Freak!!!!....or just Health Concious!!!...

Vegetables-good for health - vegetables are good for the health...
March 29, 2010 2:46pm CST
It all started when i was sent to college away from home,staying in an apartment all alone,i got used to eating instant foods like noodles,canned foods...after finishing my degree,went abroad to work,& now control,i just eat what i like,doesn't care whether it is good or bad..then what i sow,is what i the age of 23,my cholesterol level was very high and moderate risk for heart failure,got stones in my bladder.It opened my heart & mind that,this all my doing & i need to correct it...i avoided fatty,junk foods,sodas..i started to eat lots of veggies & fish which i don't like before,lots of water & fruits..& the maintenance medication that i should be taking for life was stopped since by grace of God,i am 32 yrs old now & everything is normal...cholesterol level is normal as well as the bladder stones.I am still eating healthy foods & some people who knows me thinks i'm a health freak but instead of arguing,i just let them be as i am just conscious & aware of the bad effects of not eating the healthy fellow mylotters,,do you think i'm a health freak & just overeacting?
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@kainalu55 (364)
• United States
29 Mar 10
well, honestly i think it is great that you are health concious. I don't think you are a health freak at all! Not, that it would be a bad thing. It's wonderful that you were able to change your life for the better after all the health issues yoou dealt with in the past. There are many people who would have kept n the wrong path, but it is great that you realized and know how important your life is and you made that healthy change to better yourself. It isn't always easy to be healthy, i try, but i do slip more often than not! Congrats on being health concious, you should be proud!
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@myzire72 (1157)
• Singapore
31 Mar 10
If you think you are a freak, a health freak that is, then there are tons of freaks out there in the streets. No, of course you are not a health freak, but a health-conscious lady. Taking care of our health is our own responsibilities. By controlling what we eat, and eating more of what we should, we are doing ourselves a big service.
• India
30 Mar 10
well when one arrives at the verge of loosing health one becomes a freak!and when one makes up mind to rejenuvate it we may tend to be lokking like afreak!so its better to take precautions!what do you say friend!happy lotting!
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
30 Mar 10
I also had the same experience when I was in college. I didnt get to eat a lot of healthy food. the advantage was that I go home every weekend and I get to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables when I was at home. My mom was also aware of that fact so she always cook something for me that will help cope with the nutrition I missed when I am in school. I think its okay to be a health freak or whatever you call it cause there are already a lot of people who really dont care a lot about their health and its sad to know that the case is like that. Its always better to be healthy.
@lingli_78 (12844)
• Australia
29 Mar 10
it doesn't really matter what other people say about you... it is your life and your health... so even though you are being a health freak, so what??? who doesn't want to be healthy??? nobody want to get sick because it is very uncomfortable and costly... and i don't think that you are a health freak at all... you are just being conscious of your health because you experience bad health before and you want to be cautious about it... there is nothing wrong with that... so just ignore what other people say about you... take care and have a nice day...
@speakeasy (4215)
• United States
29 Mar 10
I think the distinction between health concious and health freak depends on 2 criteria. 1) Do you try to push your health concious choices on others or lecture them about their choices? If you do, you are crossing over the line from health concious to health freak. 2) Do you ever "take a break" and consume things that you know are not the best choices? Special holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. If you never "cheat" then you have crossed the line to health freak. Occasional lapses are normal under special circumstances; but, unless you actually have a life threatening allergic reaction to a particular food, never allowing a lapse is obsessive.
• United States
29 Mar 10
I think you are probably just being health conscious. It's a good thing to be to it sounds like. You can't afford to have major health issues at your young age.