Do you think more and more actors and actresses are becoming bad models?

@laydee (12814)
March 30, 2010 8:45am CST
Do you think that more and more young actors and actresses and how open their lives are in the media are starting to really become bad models for our kids? I mean, these people are like showing kids that it's cool to wear this and that, and that it's okay to just change relationships every month. Do you think that these 'models' are causing our children and teens to be mis-guided?
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• Philippines
3 Apr 10
It's because of the fact that their celebrities that they get so much exposure and fans and are called role models, and then it depends on what they do that make it good or bad. Sometimes I feel sorry for some of them especially the Disney Channel Kids because they get their jobs with a children oriented channel such as Disney, and then when they grow up as teens and go do something a bit racy, they're considered to be bad role models. A lot of celebrities their age do the exact same thing, but aren't viewed that way. It makes it seem that life would've been easier if they weren't connected to a children-oriented channel just so they can feel comfy in their own skin without having to hear any negative feedback about them.
30 Mar 10
They may be more in the spotlight but they are also entitled to their own lives and opnions. Unfortunately, it is often the media who are guilty of the hype and kids are exposed to the media more and more these days. You need to explain to your kids that they may idolize the actors but they are still people, the same as they are
• Philippines
30 Mar 10
Well i don't consider them as models and you shouldn't either. They're just living their lives and we should just let them. Whenever you see your kids watching them just make it clear to them that it's not right to idolize them.