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@savypat (20246)
United States
March 30, 2010 11:18am CST
The reason this is under life it that I think that had a big part in what I just went through getting my tax service. The first thing that happened was the disk sent to me by the company would not load properly in my PC so I looked FAQ and there was no question that seem to answer my concerns, back to the phone and a real live person. Now life enters into it in all her glory. I called, a young man from India answered, he spoke good English and could not have been more pleasent, and hour and a half later we got the program loaded, he was still pleasent in fact we found things to laugh about this frustrating situation. I hung up, took a meal break and went back to start my returns. Whoa, my key board worked, but the program scrambled the words, now understand that this time my call was not as calm and considerate, I got another young man, his English was not as good and by the time he had figured out what I was telling him and passed me off to customer service tech. I was a little pissed to say the least. The Tech was American in NY and it still took another half hour to explain what was happening and for him to come up with things we could do to help. Finally we rebooted my PC and the problem was cured. Now you'd think that was the end of the problem, well it was. But when I got the bill it was charged twice, it's a good thing a couple of days had gone by and I had regained my good humor. I called, I got the second young man in India, of course he didn't remember but I did, I told him about the double billing and he got right on it, 40 min. later the bill was resolved. Do you think three times is the charm? is my tax season over, will all be well? Well I hope so, life can send you a challenge when you least expect it and I know this was a little one.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
1 Apr 10
Ah like my bill where they didn't take the 10% off. But they adjusted it right away on the phone.
@dragon54u (31638)
• United States
30 Mar 10
That is so frustrating! And you know, the overseas operators are always so nice but when I have trouble understanding them I've learned that asking them to speak more slowly usually solves the problem. I have someone do my taxes for me. I itemize and it's worth it to me to have someone that knows all the latest deductions and allowances. He even gave me a discount in exchange for a promise to begin paying at least something quarterly this year as well as the taxes I owe. I'm determined to make him proud!