What are you most afraid of?

March 31, 2010 12:09pm CST
Like most people, I'm afraid of the unknown and afraid of things that i have no control over^^ And you, what are you most afraid of and why?
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@cripfemme (7714)
• United States
31 Mar 10
In terms of fears, I don't have an endless list but a few things do top it. Fire, terrorism, people who commit hate crimes are all on the top of my list. Then, there are the silly fears. You know the ones such as leaving without your pants on to go to your job, forgetting or sleeping through a grant deadline, or missing a plane to the most important event of your career. That's pretty much all the things I'm afraid of.
• India
31 Mar 10
I think I am most afraid of the uncertainty. When something is uncertain, what is going to happen and I can not even do anything or try make it something happens. I think I am not afraid if something bad happens but when its uncertain what is going to happen I am afraid.
@sheanne (440)
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
hello angel, we are of the same thoughts of what we're afraid of. Afraid of the unknown as we really don't know what is beyond after anything. We are afraid over things we don't have control over with since we can't change nor we can stop anything or any situation that might about to happen or what already had done. Afraid of the unknown are what most people experienced especially those supposed to undergo surgical or invasive procedure. What we're afraid of isn't just like phobias where you can overcome it by systematic desensitization or systematic exposure to what someone scared of.
@avani26 (1520)
• India
31 Mar 10
Same here friend. I am also afraid of the unknown coz anything known you can get the solution or the courage of not being scared. I am also afraid of the dark and being alone at home. I keep the TV on the whole time so that there is some noise in the house. I really can't find any reason as to why I am scared but scared I am.