Who will you save?

@jobmoone (442)
April 1, 2010 3:07am CST
If you can only save one of your family member in a sudden accident and you need to decide it right away who will you choose? and there's no other option, only which one will you value most to live with you?
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• Philippines
16 Apr 10
aside from myself i would save the one that i could reach as if the family member is out of reach then how can i save him? i have to save the one i can immediately save.
• United Arab Emirates
14 Apr 10
First I will try for the impossible and pray to God to save both. If not I will opt for the one I can save without wasting time. and then try to save the other.
@youless (92401)
• Guangzhou, China
2 Apr 10
I think I will save my son because he is still so young. He should have many happy time in the future. I love China
@siliguri (4224)
• India
1 Apr 10
I will save myself from an accidentjust kidding It is very difficult to say to whom i will save in a such situation...all my family member is equal to me..frankly speaking...i didn't think at that time to whom i would save...because u have mentioned in sudden accident..that time it is difficult to think of it...the man who is nearby me i would save him/her only..which is possible for me...
@sheanne (440)
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
Wow this is a very tough decision you have to do with. For me I think it will depend who are among your family member you are with. If I have to choose between the old family member or the youngsters I think I'll choose the younger one, even how much I love the old family member whom I live with for so long. The old family member had the prime time of his/her life while the younger one he/she still have a life to live with and enjoy with.
@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 10
the first, I will save my child ...
@SViswan (12072)
• India
1 Apr 10
That's a tough one because in case of an accident, I will have to save my sons. I hae two..how do I choose between them???I value both of them (for different reasons maybe). I can't think of having to choose one's life over the other.
@ghieptc (2525)
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
I think I will save my mother because they cared for us. It's hard to have no mother in our home. She is loving & caring person.