Did you fall for any April fools day pranks today?

April 1, 2010 12:42pm CST
I found the fools day pranks this year quite boring. Sometimes the stories are quite believable, but this year they were so outlandish, that I realised immediately they were fakes. Did you fall for any pranks today? What were they? Did you hear any you identified as a prank immediately?
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@Lucky12 (770)
• United States
1 Apr 10
h yes my hubby got me really good. I though that he was staying at work until like 4pm and he was like no I'm kidding lol. I was going to be mad if he was serious. he military so anything like that can happen lol. yes it was fun I have not done any more though how about you?
1 Apr 10
:-) Well, at least you were happy when you found out he was coming home earlier then!
• India
1 Apr 10
No till now i have not fall what about you
1 Apr 10
nope. nothing this year. They were all too obvious.