how do i get my screenplays into real movies?

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April 2, 2010 10:37am CST
i made a series of screenplays and its my dream to make them into real movies. But i dont know how to do that. Mostly because im only 16 years old and for what im thinking whose gonna accept a 16 years old screen play? but 40 people read the first and they all loved it. Its a series of 8 called The Legacy of Spyro. but dont be fooled by the name its much better then you think. In a quick summary its about a human boy who gets hit by a metoer and is turned into a dragon which stand in their EXCTO FORMS. bascilly meaning they almost look like humans except for wings, eyes etc. And he finds out that its his destiny to stop the dark dragons from destroying the whole universe. but this is only a quick summary.but the cool part about my movies is that the characters human characters uses their real names no fake names except the dragons. Like later on the dragons meet President Obama. Like i said alot of people love my movies already so please any advice to help me out is welcome. Please help
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3 Apr 10
I'd suggest looking up some books on the subject. I'm not entirely sure of the process myself (And I'm a film student, so I'm not totally ignorant), but I think it's somewhat similar to trying to sell your book to publishers except you pitch and query to producers. I think some literary agents represent screenplays, too. The first thing I'd recommend that you do is make sure your screenplays are written in the correct format. Format's very important to people who survey screenplays, and they'll automatically reject anything not written in the standard format.