Chelsea 2 Manchester U 1

April 3, 2010 9:59am CST
Well well Chelsea managed to win this top of the table clash and are now top of the premiership. What do you think of Manchester U's performance? why do you think it was so bad? 2 loss's on the bounce, could Man U be feeling the pace of all the games they have played so far? Wayne Rooney is surely missed? wait a minute, surely Man U should be able to cope with out Rooney? I mean they have expensive alternatives don't they? Can Man U still win the title? I am looking at it like this, if Man U are going to win the champions league they are going to have to expand a hell of a lot of energy to do so. This could affect there performances in the prem league resulting in them conceding the title to Chelsea? What's your view friends? I say Chelsea may just squeeze it!
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• United States
3 Apr 10
Yo, know what I think about the game already but I wanted to give you some play so that you could get some change from the response. Be talking to you soon though, Go Spurs!!
3 Apr 10
Lol many thanks
• Singapore
6 Apr 10
i think the problem is in the coach , the coach of Chelsea was the coach of Ac before and when Ac meet Mu the winner always be Ac and this year when this coach move to Chelsea , Mu can not beat them in their home or away , this year maybe Mu will be the champion but that is just because Chelsea coach is still new so he needs time , next year Chelsea will be the champion for sure!
@bangipung (155)
• Indonesia
5 Apr 10
i think Manchester United should add an alternative player in forward because berbatov and macheda still can not replace the role of wayne rooney. maybe ferguson should sign sergio aguero from atletico madrid next season
@Naxous (974)
• India
4 Apr 10
You are right friend that Chelsea now do have the momentum in their favour and this win against ManU will lift the entire team.Also I believe that Cheasea and Carlo Ancellotti specially will want to win the title which will help them to find some solace foe advancing in the Champions' league.However,ManU once again showed the over reliance on Wayne Rooney and as Rooney was unavailable they lacked the penetration in attack.Leaving only 10-15 minutes in the entire 90 minutes the game was dominated by Chelsea and therefore the result was justified.The title race is not yet over and there can be a slip between the cup and the lip my dear friend however one must admit that it is now upto Chelsea to lose the title rather than ManU winning it.
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
4 Apr 10
First match without Rooney and it was clear that they were missing him badly. Berbatov had chances galore especially headers which he kept missing or lacked power. Macheda managed to bundle the ball in, but was less than convincing. I think this season Rooney has been the heart of Manchester United, and without him they have lacked the bite and that is what was evident yesterday. So now Chelsea is at the poll position. Need to see how they go on from here. Cheers! Ram
• Italy
3 Apr 10
Really? i'm so happy for Ancellotti and Chelsea! Probably manchester is too much committed with Champions...
• China
3 Apr 10
Way to go,Chelsea,get the champion.A big fun of Chelsea.It was so great to defeat Manchester,and get the first place again.I'm sorry it may hurt as a fan of Manchester,but Chelsea difinitely did a good job.