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April 4, 2010 10:48am CST
"Love the neighbour",said Jesus Chirist.Yet how many people do really love their neighbors?Usually there Prevails a great tensions amoung the neighbors on some point of disppute or the other.Many people just tolerate neighbours because there is no other way to get rod of them.Here and there people change their houses, if people even sell their houses because they find their neighbourhood is not congenial to their tastes.There are very few neighbours amoung whom amity prevails. If there is love among the neighbours to you than your kith and kin. he can be always possibility of boys and girls playing together in their childhood gettingmarried ultimately. Such a marrige is likely to be the happiest because its attachment goes back o infancy.It is usually for boys and girls next door to peep into each others courtyards and admire each other, even if they are not on speaking terms. Neighbours are thrown to gather by God like to fellow travellers in a bus r a train and it is best to be tolerant of each other, even though true love and admiration may be lacking. That is why Jesus said, "Love they neighbour." If you do not love even your neighbour, how can you love rest of the world?There is no doubt that the neighbours take keen interest in the affairs of each other even when they are not on speaking terms.. They want to know all that is happening in their,close neighbourhood. They peep through hole and even hear whispers to find out what is happening on the other side og the wall. They engage even maid servants and sweepers to inform them about all that is happening in the house of the neighbour next door. If the neighbours are rich and affluent they much money it people who come to meet them and what are the kinds of friends and foes they have. In case of any feud between them, they at once carry the tables to their friends and foes and try to alienate their neighbours from their friend and sow seeds of bitterness among foes.Why make it more miserable that it really is?
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@laydee (12814)
• Philippines
4 Apr 10
If we could love everyone around us (even those who hate us) then we would be known as a saint. It's difficult to love everyone because of our humanity. We are bound to not like someone, or find someone not someone we'd like to be with. Which is why our Lord Jesus Christ is challenging us to love everyone as He could. But this doesn't mean it's an easy task.