How to get more readers

April 5, 2010 12:15am CST
I am writing online but I haven't got a lot of readers. Any tips on how to make many people read my articles.
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@patgalca (14756)
• Orangeville, Ontario
5 Apr 10
I write for Triond. When I first started I only got a few viewers - those who I emailed the link to. Then I linked my Triond with Twitter and Facebook. Now I get a lot more viewers. Also, I made as many friends as I could on Triond, read their work and comment on their work. Then they respond in kind. The more friends you make online, the more people you will have to share your work with. Also, you must tag your articles with as many pertinent tags as possible so they will be picked up by search engines. I wrote an article entitled "Racoons in the Attic" over a year ago. That is still my top article every day. People are doing searches about racoons because everyone has racoon trouble. My article is being found in searches because of the tags I attached to it. Finally, write something that people will enjoy or find informative. The last article I wrote on Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycemia and Diet went through the roof when I posted it a couple of weeks ago. Not everyone I know has these illnesses so obviously the readers found the article through search engines which goes back to the tags. Though you are not supposed to use referral links on myLot, there is no harm in starting a discussion around the topic, adding the link, and asking for other's input. Good luck.
• Philippines
6 Apr 10
Thanks for the very detailed response. I also write in Triond. But I just started 3 days ago. Add me as a friend in Triond. My penname is carloadriancanon.