What makes America different than the rest of the world?

United States
@bobmnu (8162)
April 6, 2010 1:26pm CST
Almost every country in the world is or was governed by Royalty or a Ruling Class based on Birth. The people looked to the ruler or government to solve their problems, protect them, and provide for them. Our founding fathers put a specific provision in the Constitution (Section 9 Limits on Congress) not to have Title of Nobility. We were to be a country governed by the people. The people who came to this country did so to be rewarded for their efforts and hard work. In most countries if you were successful the reward went to the ruling class. We are a country where anyone can achieve great things. One is limited only by limits imposed by yourself. People are becoming upset because now the Government is putting up more and more limits on a persons ability to achieve and advance. The American Dream is still to achieve on their own and enjoy the good life.