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April 6, 2010 8:17pm CST
This weekend I went for a sightseeing travel with my girlfriend.During the journey we went to a remote village where lived quite a group of elders going above 100 years old, and the village thereof was named LONGEVITY VILLAGE accordingly.I was excited at first yet eager to find out mor about their life.But when I saw most of those longevity stars were just staying in their dark and barely-furnished houses,very silently, I became perplexed.This was the life for them? Caged in those infinite lonely rooms? Probably the only visual luxury for them in their latter years was the unexpected visitors from unknown plances throwing a glimpse into them? I felt unknowingly upset.'what's the deal to live that long if their latter life are lived that way?''Well, that's the life for them', replied by my girlfriend.OK!stop,'the life for them'?A very sharp point to light me up! If that's the life for them,then what's the life for me? and What'd be the life for others? People are so diversified in their family, work, life circles and so on. I had a good thought abt the definition of life to me, yet I barely brought all the pieces of mind together. I can't live without good friends, I can't live without memoris. I may bear the fact that I m not rich financially, but i can't stand for sure that my life is empty.Family is also important to me, but shamefully speaking, I prefer to stay alone or with my friends over the reversal situation.Life to me is about not giving up to despair, is about struggling with the vile side of me. I have always been eager to go out, very out to exprience the bigger things,yet I have never had the gut to leave Guangzhou that uproots deeply in my heart. Now coming to my father, he lived his mind quite differntly, he confined almost his whole life in that small place.He was a clinic doctor, he self-learned the western and Chinese medicine all by himself and now is bit of an irreplacable doctor there. After years and years of social connection built-up, he could have gone to a big hospital working in fixed hours and getting higher pay. But it seems taht he was never interested in that.Since I already had a job here in Guanngzhou, he decided one time to visit me.It took him 7 hours to get here by train, yet he couldn't even hold on for two days in this city. He was very uncomfortable with the traffic jam, the crowd people all over and the less-than-clean air here. On the day he stayed with me, he cooked me two nice means and he went back the other morning. On his way back home, I saw the gratification on his face, he was satisfied becoz he had a good talk with his son. After 21 yeaers of hard-raising, finally his sun got on the track to be independent. His life is fullfilled. In a way, I'm a very big part of his life.That's my father's life, but for the billions of others, it's for sure that no Wikipedia in the world can define them all.
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@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
8 Apr 10
I think that life for almost all people is different. What is important for me in my life is quite possibly not the things that are important for you in your life. I believe that is one of the things in my life that makes me have a great desire to travel. I like to have the opportunity to see how other people live. These things give me new things that I would like to incorporate into my life and they also show me things that I really don't want to be a part of my life.
• China
9 Apr 10
Hi Dorannmwin,it's great to hear what's in your mind as well.