April 9, 2010 4:50am CST
What is wealthy means to you, more spender they wants rather than needs or more spender to buy asset and liabilities? if you are the one who want to know how much your asset and liabilities just try to financially check your monthly expenses and separate need rather than wants or cut cost your life style and live below our means if this is how to become wealth how could you handle your income if you have a job for now?
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@owlwings (39878)
• Cambridge, England
9 Apr 10
Wealth is a state of mind rather than what you see on paper. Wealth means many things besides money. The word comes from an old Saxon word meaning 'well-being' or 'good' and is a partner to health. 'Commonwealth' means doing things for the public well-being or for the good of the state in which we participate and of which we are members. Wealth means having sufficient for our needs and a little over, perhaps, to share with others. True wealthiness is being able to share our surplus with others.
• China
9 Apr 10
Wealthy means who has so much money. More then sufficient. Not who buy more things. I am not wealthy but i love to shopping. But i know many rich people who are so miser and they don't buy things. So wealthy, they wants rather than needs.