how many religion have you joined?

@jobmoone (442)
April 9, 2010 10:52pm CST
I already been in two religion until now I considered to be contented in what i believe. I told myself that its ok to find suited religion but somewhere there would be a time that I should focus of what I really need to value in life. Just how many have been into?
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• Philippines
22 Jul 10
I'm a Christian and I saw a lot of flaws in this religion while in high school and college.I started to think of transferring to Buddhism or to Islam. When I started working I got to meet other people from different races and religion and saw how they are as people in their own beliefs.I then realized that no matter where I go and not find my own meaning in it then better not have a religion at all which is also possible.So I started reading the bible and going to church more often.i still criticize the church or the priests but what's important now is how I have found that certain connection with god in simply believing that god is in each one of us and in me too.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
12 Apr 10
I was already born here in my religion but my parents had a lot. My mom was a catholic at first before she joined our religion and my father had so many religion before. He went from being a catholic then became a Methodist, then became an Adventist and he even joined Islam for a while but wasnt able to find what he was looking for. He became a member of our church when he got married to my mom and he's been a member for almost 30 years now. My father didnt change religions anymore cause he found the truth. He does have one wish though, he wished that he became a member of our church way back when he was still young then he could have done something more.
@ssxiona (91)
12 Apr 10
I trust Buddha and I believe its existing.
@Fire10 (293)
• United States
12 Apr 10
I've only been a member of one religion. And to me, others just don't seem sensible enough. I also believe it is important to choose carefully. Because there is a God, it is important to believe in what He believes; otherwise, religion simply boils down to short-term crowd control.
• India
11 Apr 10
i think you should focus more into what you value in life as mentioned. Religion is not the ultimate decision maker, it is more a way for people to communicate to god...which can be done without following any particular religion also.....
@1hopefulman (36289)
• Canada
10 Apr 10
I was born into one religion. As a youth I abandoned the religion as I saw many things that didn't go with what I thought a human and a believer in God should be like. In my late teens I searched for God by looking at different religions. I came across one that reflected God-like people and have been there ever since. I think we should all choose our religion even if it the one we're born in. After all, our eternal destiny is tied up in making the right choice. While many think that any religion will do, I always thought there is only one way to God. God decides the way we should worship and we have to find the way. He will help us find the way if we are honest and sincere.