French fries are not healthy to eat..

April 10, 2010 9:06am CST
First of all potatoes themselves aren't such a good food choice.each carbohydrates that we eat has a glycemic index (GI) measure to it. The higher that food is broken down and release sugars into our blood stream. this is reasise insulin levels in our blood quickly.Eating many GI foods can thus cause problems in the long run. Such as obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis. and second the deep frying of french fries cause them to have high levels of trans fat.Eating trans fat put you at risk of developing.
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• Philippines
23 Apr 10
Thank you for this wonderful information. I love eating potatoes, I like it as mashed potato or even as mojos. I myself can make mojos at home. So, maybe now, I can try to cut down my intake of potatoes. But sometimes, I eat potato instead of eating rice. Have fun mylotting and take care
@hvedra (1623)
16 Apr 10
Potatoes are fine to eat in moderate amounts. The problem is that often they are the only "vegetable" some people will eat and they have too many of them fried. A lot of fries are reconstituted potatoes plus a lot of gunk rather than just sliced potatoes that are fried.
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
16 Apr 10
We know that they are not healthy but somethimes we have no other choice.There is nowhere near my university a place where I could buy a salad or some fruits to have for snack but there are at least 4 places for fast food.
@polino (55)
10 Apr 10
very well said ditto, as it is explained completely, but the problem is companies does not hear or even listen to the reasons, profitability comes to their mind at the expense of the people, its our loss!