What do you look for when you want to purchase a new computer?

@reoko10 (578)
United States
April 10, 2010 10:01am CST
For me I look to see if the computer can play all my Sims 2 and Sims 3 games with out messing up. What about you.
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• Philippines
16 May 10
I always look for speed..The processor should be fast enough..2 Gigahertz or greater would do for me..The RAM should be big..1GB RAM is enough but 2GB or more would be better..I like the hard drive to be large in storage space as well because I like to keep lots of files like movies and software installers..250GB Hard Drive or greater would be enough..It should also have a good video card..I like Nvidia Graphics card because it's good for gaming..512MB or greater is good enough for me..
@Ramsesxlll (1436)
• Finland
11 Apr 10
I always look at the specs; RAM, Processor and stuff like that. I always want my computer to look "cool", and that's why I always get a mac Macs's design is just lickable I am a bit jealous about my friend's new HP (15-20") laptop...
@prince05 (92)
• Philippines
11 Apr 10
I always look at the specs of the computer. better specs means better games and computer runs more smoothly. If i were you i wont settle for a computer which can only run sims 2 and 3 better consider the performance and stability of the computer for more advance games. Because for sure everything will follow. If this computer plays high ends games nowadays. For sure it will really play your favorite game the sims. so always consider higher end specs. and you wont be wrong with it's performance.
@climber7565 (2579)
• United States
11 Apr 10
I like to know what the computer process speed is and would like it to be the fastest possible, also look for expansion capabilities, the best sound and graphic card, CD/DVD burner and copier, extra USB connectors, Ample RAM capacity ea. 2 gb, a plus large capacity hard drive, large flat screen, 64 bit and from the looks of it Windows 7 is the way to go this days.
• Ireland
10 Apr 10
well if your planning of playing loads of games on it youll be looking for a big ram so that games will run smooth. hard disk space is vital as you want enough space to install these games. your graphics card and sound cards are important for running the games
@Asylum (48278)
• Manchester, England
10 Apr 10
I always consider the whole spectrum of components from processor to hard drive, and also the motherboard ability to support extra features etcetera. To be honest I do not usually buy a computer from a shop but purchase my own selection of components and assemble them myself.
@markmoney (2868)
• Philippines
10 Apr 10
The specifications that I look when I am buying a computer are first is how much RAM it's videocard has. Second, how much memory or RAM it has. Third, what is the capacity of it's harddisk. Fourth, what and how much Ghz it's processor has. Those are the four major specifications that I am looking for in a computer. Another thing I consider is to know what is the maximum capacity it can hold or how much upgrade it can handle. Have a nice day! Happy myLotting!