Meeting the boyfriend's family

April 10, 2010 12:54pm CST
I can't sleep. It is one of those days I feel blue all of a sudden. I have yet to meet the boyfriend's family after 1 year and 6 months. I don't know about you, but this is a big deal for me. The boyfriend's really as sweet as can be. He makes it a point to visit me in the office as much as possible, treats me like a princess, and I certainly feel that I am his world. I am just having issues about not meeting his family yet. I don't want to broach the subject to him--for fear that he might think I'm nagging. I just really want to meet the family that has brought him up the way he is. Oh and yes, I probably might regret writing about this here, but I needed to let some "steam out". So there, I am out for now. Will try to get some much needed sleep.
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@jfier001 (14)
• United States
10 Apr 10
I'd treat it as a bug deal too, especially after a year and a half. Do his family live close by? Was he close to them as he was growing up? Has he had a falling out with anyone? Unless any of these have happened I'd be wondering why I haven't met his family yet. They obviously did a good job raising him. Has he met your family?
• Philippines
10 Apr 10
hi jfier! Thanks for replying... Hmmm... He lives quite far from where I'm living. I guess they're not as close as some families might be. The boyfriend is a little reserved at times. It took quite some time for him to open up to me when we were just a new couple. No falling out within the family. There is, however, some problems with the extended family. According to him, it's the reason he can't bring me to his family yet. (I asked him a month after our anniversary why I haven't met the folks.) But that was last year, and I'm sort of thinking: "What the hell, I'm really itching to meet them after all this time." So there. Thanks again for your insight. Really really appreciate it.
• China
11 Apr 10
Hi Hecate!From your words, i find you are deeply in love with your bf. In this point, you are very happy. For meeting his family, I think it maybe a good chance for you two to get further relationship. Have a good preparation.Good luck! Happy Mylot!