Do you like Chinese kong fu?

April 12, 2010 12:26am CST
Hi, there! Are you guys intersted in chinese kong fu? How do you think of it?
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@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
14 Apr 10
kungfu movies are very entertaining. but i prefer the hong kong/china made ones. hollywood kung fu movies tend to use too much special effects and ruins it. old kung fu films are iconic hey you guys heard of the new Karate Kid movie? the one starring will smith's son. that one will actually be in china, and the karate kid actually learns kung fu. looks like a fun movie. and jackie chan is in it too.
15 Apr 10
I did not konw that before. But I konw the Karate Kid movie 3 is on after I searched the Internet just now. yeah, you are right, jackie chan is in it. I think it will be a very nice film and I will give myself sometime to have a look at this film when I am free sometimes. Have you watched it?
@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
16 Apr 10
nope it's not out yet. it looks like a fun movie to watch tho. a bit weird why they chose to stick with 'karate kid' title while things in it is actually kung-fu. but i'll definately watch it when it comes out. reminds me of the old karate kid movies which i love :P
@qamarep (4449)
• Pakistan
13 Apr 10
oh yes iff i had chance t to do it i would havbe gone to china and learned it
15 Apr 10
Wow, when will you go and which city? That will be very nice to do it.. Good luck for you.
@arunvenu (274)
• India
12 Apr 10
I like it. I have great interest in martial arts and those movies are really interesting. The skills are legendary, Bruce lee was the real guy, eventhough i like jackie chan and jet lee movies they won't come close to bruce lee because he is the best.
12 Apr 10
They three all have the real kong fu not only in the film but also in the real life? Bruce Lee is really the best one forever. Then I like Bruce Lee secondly?
@benchao (43)
• China
21 Nov 12
As a chinese,my china have kinds of kong fu,for example Tai Chi,Yongchun,snake boxing and so on.But I like Taichi,Taichi is very long history and steal-in-soft kongfu.
15 Sep 10
Yes, when I was a young boy, I liked it very much and even want to learn it by myself,but it is very impossible for no one can do it by himself.In addition, it is difficult for one to study it,for you must experience hard trainning. I also fond of Kongfu movie.the kungfu star I like are Jet Li and Jack chan.
@catalyser (531)
• Malaysia
15 Apr 10
Yes, it is fascinating. If you want to watch different forms of it, I implore you to watch Avater: The Last Airbender the series. Download it from demonoid. I know its a little bit childish but I loved watching it and all the four elements uses different form of kung fu. Water bending uses Tai Chi, earthbending uses Hung Gar, Northern Shao Lin for the firebending and Ba Gua for the airbending. All four of them reflects each of the elements nicely