I'm about to sneeze!

By Jess
@JJ4Ever (4696)
United States
April 12, 2010 8:22pm CST
Here I am at work about to sneeze because my coworker just vacuumed our office. It was so incredibly dusty. What prompted her to vacuum was when she dropped a CD and went to pick it up...she said the part that touched the carpet was filthy! It's nice having an office (although I share it with one other coworker), but it has its disadvantages. While it's quiet and easy to work in an inner office, the cleaning crew doesn't clean or vacuum our office, so that's up to us. I can tell you that it hadn't been vacuumed in probably years. It was so bad! Now I'm wishing we could open the windows to air it out. My allergies are going crazy. So...what about you. Are you required to keep your own office/work area clean or does your company have a cleaning crew do it for you?
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@mimpi1911 (25454)
• India
13 Apr 10
Hope you are over it now. In my office there is a separate cleaning crew who do their job quite OK but not that OK to keep me very happy. I am kind of cleanliness freak, no points for guessing! So everyday, before leaving I clean my own cabinet and the doctor's and ask the cleaners to clean properly. I sometimes even remove the bigger stuffs like the CPU and the table to have a thorough cleaning.
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