have you brought a new flat screen / lcd TV yet?

United States
April 13, 2010 2:31pm CST
Not me I am waiting because I have been hearing from a lot of people they break down rather quick. For me I think I might wait at least another year and than I plan to buy or rent one. So if you have one what do think of it? was it worth what you paid for it? What brand is it and how many inches as well. Thanks for any answers to me:)
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• Indonesia
18 Apr 10
sony is the best and worth to buy.check the LCD tv comparison your self, [url=http:/www.flattvprice.com]lcd tv price[/url]
@JenInTN (27565)
• United States
15 Apr 10
I broke down and bought one right after Christmas. I had been saving for one and then Sears sent me a one day deal flyer. I bought a 50 inch Panasonic for $699. I couldn't pass up the one day deal because the ones that were much smaller actually cost as much, sometimes more. I love it. I did have to get the HD through my cable comapny to really see its potential but it is worth it to me. It was actually cheaper for me to get the HD package at the time because they were doing a sale on it too.
• United States
14 Apr 10
We now have a flat screen tv, it was a gift for us for christmas from my parents....ours was going and was about 16 yrs old...so we are really enjoying the new tv. My parents got a great deal at christmas and I hope this tv holds out, but like you said they dont last like the older ones....but at least we have a warranty on it for a year or two. our brand is a Dynex and is 26 inch screen, the color is amazing especially after our old one lost the color green and everything had a purple cast... so yeah, we are enjoying the new one!! Happy Mylotting.
@manleyjoe (1599)
• United States
14 Apr 10
We bought our LG LED flat screen 47 inch last fall when we sold our house and moved into the apartment. We really like it the picture quality is very good even with the angled sunlight coming in the window. And the LED lets us watch from any angle in the room and see good picture, not washed out like some of the Plasma screen ones. We went with the LG brand as this is the old Zenith brand and I knew it was well built. We liked the picture so well we went and bought a 32 inch for the bedroom, it is so light we set it on top of the chest of drawers.
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
i really wanted to have a flat screen television. Some of my friends have but I have none. I always check on appliances store on how much the lcd television and if they are having sale. But the budget is not applicable it is always less. How I wish they put it on sale that the price is really affordable.
• Boston, Massachusetts
14 Apr 10
Hi Mom, Not yet my dear. We have plans of having one at home but not a priority at this point. maybe by christmas with out 13th month pay we can have it as a gift for our kids.
@shoeface (53)
13 Apr 10
I have a samsung 26" I think. Bought it abit too early and it was £500. Far too expesnive in my view. Now's a good time to buy one, with the digital switchover going on in England, they have built in freeview too.
@patgalca (14605)
• Orangeville, Ontario
13 Apr 10
We have a 40" Samsung we bought Boxing Day 2008. We have had no problems with it other than hitting the wrong buttons on the remote which can mess things up... not technically, just screen. We're just a bunch of bumbling idiots in our house. The television itself is great and we have had no issues with it. I always recommend Samsung.
• Ireland
13 Apr 10
i have a 156" flat screen hdtv and works great !! go get one!! but not some cheap no brand one
@hcvvmk (175)
• Malaysia
13 Apr 10
Nope i have not bought it yet..but very soon I guess..I would like to suggest Sony Bravia for its technology and reliability.