power in the deserts

April 15, 2010 12:39pm CST
We all know there is practically very little liofe that can survive in deserts, yet this are huge geographical areas. For example, the Sahara Desert occupies about a fifth of Africa. Temperstures reach an excess of 40 degress Centigrade almost everyday of the year So why can't we build Solar Towers in this Areas? I know there would a lot of red tape involved but this can even be money generating schemes for governments. The Sahara could supply Western Europe and Arizona and the Mexican deserts supply North America I know the reflective mirrors need to be dust free for maximum reflectiona and therefore this would require some degree of Maintainance, but I think its worth it to try and stop our dependance on Fossil fuels.
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• United States
18 Apr 10
I agree with you. I'm sure there are a lot of kinks that would need to be worked out, but we really do need to get off of the fossil fuels, as a world. Eventually, there wont be any left, or we'll so completely destroy our atmosphere that we'll be forced to stop using them, and for the most part we'll have no idea what to do. Plus, putting power sources out in deserts would be making a relatively empty and non productive area productive.
• Ireland
19 Apr 10
Exactly dare2defyy, my guess is the stumbling block is funding, but as a business model it still seems atractive enough for me. Electricity has joined fooed and shelter as a basic necesssity of life too bad I dont have the millions to start this up, im sure no government would have any qualms giving me a piece of desert to develop.
@rsa101 (15505)
• Quezon City, Philippines
30 Jul 10
I agree this wasteland may be turned into good use somehow if we build a solar farm in there. I just do not know if there is some brave soul to take this huge project to work. I think one thing that prevents many from using it is the cost. The price for solar panel are just too high.