Skills to be a movie theatre employee.

April 15, 2010 1:42pm CST
As some of you already know, Im applying as a movie theatre part-time employee. Im trying to compile my resume right now and am again unsure of something. Im not sure what type of skills this position would be looking for. Communication? People? But how does one person demonstate these skills and how can I put it into my resume truthfully (although I do think Im good with communication and people)?
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@bounce58 (17524)
• Canada
15 Apr 10
I gather that you don't have much working experience...? Have you been a member of any organizations in school? Or in some kind of leadership role? These would be the things that you could put in your resume. It would indicate that you're not 'anti-social' and you do get along with other people. Again, goodluck!
@Lochoa (222)
• United States
15 Apr 10
I would say both. Communication and Good with people maybe even a multi tasker. I know with retail type jobs people think they're easy but they are actually more to it then people think. You have to run here run there make people happy get things done! Phew! Sad thing is is you don't get paid that much! But at least you have a job that you'll enjoy. That's going to be me next week. Best advice is be honest and think about what you would like from a person that worked at the theature place and what of those things you have then put that down as your skills and if it asks for an example list it. I know that always helps me and I've had so many different type of office and retails jobs and now that I am more comfortable with me and my previous job duties and resume the managers can tell during my interview and love me :)