project makes me go crazy

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April 16, 2010 6:41pm CST
Mylots I remember when i was in i think middle school and i had a project it was a partner project. I was paired up with my Girlfriend and she had no idea what to do because she was sick for like a week. So i explained to her what we had to do but we like never started till like last minute. I did like all the work because i was the smart one in science and she was the one who decorated it and all made it all professional. I never knew working with a loved one makes you so stressed out. Have you ever done this?
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@phyrre (2324)
• United States
16 Apr 10
Before I started dating my husband I had a huge crush on him and we were in almost all of our classes together. Thankfully, I got partnered with him for an AP History assignment, which meant we had to spend a LOT of time together. The first time we met to talk about it I wore a really short strapless dress. ;) I enjoyed working with him and getting the time to spend just the two of us, but, like you, I ended up doing most of the work (and I still do sometimes when it comes to certain things) because he didn't care about the project or his grade all that much and I knew that I could do it "right" and he probably wouldn't do it right. :P It didn't stress me out, though, and once we started dating we worked on projects and everything together quite a bit and it never stressed me out in the least bit.
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17 Apr 10
haha well the sad part was that i also didn't care about my grades but i did all the work because i knew she wanted a good grade but didn't have the knowledge to make the project sound good but she did make it look good i must say xD
@climber7565 (2579)
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17 Apr 10
ah well that is a lesson to be learned, kind of like working on a relationship. Why not take that opportunity to have fun and stimulate each other intellectually? For starters you have already made the mistake by seeing your girlfriend as someone less intelligent then yourself. That alone is the reason why you found it all so stressful. You are talking about the woman you had said you mean to be married with.