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April 17, 2010 1:26am CST
we have a new business venture and we are kinda busy--that means my husband and i. as many of you know, i am a stay at home mom. and we live above the commercial space that we are occupying. so that means, our ground floor is the store, the second floor is the warehouse, while the third floor is our home. so when the new business was set up, it was placed in the store on the ground floor. since i handle marketing, i got kinda busy lately. my 1-year-old daughter seems to feel that things are quite different now. she has realized that she cannot have mama 24 hours. although i work freelance, i still have a lot of time for her. but now things are different. i think that this past two weeks, my daughter has matured faster than any period in her young life. and i am so thankful that she is coping graciously. God's grace is really with her. so far so good. what about you? what can you share about your experiences in relation to parenting and work? keep on mylotting everyone! God bless you all! :D
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@marketing07 (6266)
• South Korea
18 Apr 10
i think kids now a days grown-up faster as a mother i have to send my 3yrs.old daughter to the nursery..so that i can work and at the same time she could also learn..thanks god she really like being at the nursery and her teacher told me that she learn fast.
17 Apr 10
Being a working mom is the most challenging situation we women have placed ourselves into. Yet it is the most gratifying thing in all the world! A mom will never sacrifice her kid, thus, she is into a balancing act. While busy at the office, our minds and hearts are left at home. Yet, our jobs still benefit from a good performance. How do we do this??? Well, for one, we are the best managers: we manage our homes, our kids, our husband and our office. We spend quality time with each task and the funny thing is we enjoy everything and we love our family so much!!!as well as our promotion. Of course, not necessarily in any order...what is important is we can make everything go! That's how and what we are...SUPER MOMS!!!
@SViswan (12071)
• India
17 Apr 10
I was a full time stay at home mom till my older son was 5 years old and started full time school. But after my second child, I started working when he was a year and a half old. I took up a job at the same school my older son went to and my younger son would also go with me...and I thought it was fine because after 3 hours of school, he would be with me for another 2/3 hours before we got back home. But a year after working this way, I realized that it wasn't working out for my son...his meal times and nap times were at odd hours and since the responsibility at work increased, I wasn't able to spend enough time with either child...and everyone started getting affected. So, mid of last year, I decided to call it quits. We are now homeschooling our older son and our younger son is at home too because he's just 3 years old. Though I am busy all day with all sorts of work...I am able to spend time with the family too.
17 Apr 10
I never actually feel that I am getting the balance right. As a mother my priority has to be caring for my girls, but that does have to include bringing in some money wherever I can. Right now its early morning here and the kids are in bed, I work around them all the time but I wish I could put more hours into my work, but I don't want it to interfer too much with my girls.