Do you have question like this at mylot?

@haiershen (1084)
April 17, 2010 7:12am CST
laterly, i have meet a question at mylot for respond/comment/start a new discussion,when i click at the button of responds, the web couldn't opened at once, it took three minute when open the responds page,sometime, it would be longer than this.i'm puzzle, last year, i have never had this problem. my friends, do you have question like this?
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
17 Apr 10
Yes, that seems to be happening to me quite a lot. I just thought its because of my internet connection, my browser or even my lagging computer. But when I check other sites it loads fine. Now because of this discussion of yours I can think that the problem is with myLot itself and not on my end. I do hope that they get this fixed somehow. It is hindering our smooth myLot experience.
@BarBaraPrz (21081)
• St. Catharines, Ontario
17 Apr 10
I've run into this problem before. Ironically enough, trying to answer your question today. I went to another site and then came back and had no problem. I guess with almost 203,000 members, the server gets a little busy.
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@newtalent (1114)
• United States
17 Apr 10
I had browser issue, I am using Firefox, I did various suggestions,like clearing out cookies and cache, signing out and signing back in, to even reinstalling it. Virus checking and so forth, I did a lot to make it run smoother. I also undated my java. I mean it cold not hurt. I an having a better time now that i had all the suggestions in place. Cannot tell what worked or did not work but it is running smoother thanks to everyone on mylot.
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
21 Apr 10
I think it's mylot's problem.. THe population of mylot is growing everyday and maybe its bandwidth is not able to handle so much request at a time.. hehe ^_^ There are times i do experience the same thing too, but it din take that long to open the pages though.. hehe ^_^ If the whole page is taking more than 3 mintues, i will log out from mylot, before logging in again.. IF it's slow again, i will just leave everything and continue the next day.. haha =D
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@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
20 Apr 10
I’ve experienced the same thing. I have also had problems when submitting responses; it will take ages to go through and when it does my response is not there and I have to start all over again to get it through. It happens regularly and I guess it may be because there are a lot of people submitting at the same time.
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@meapas (2434)
• India
19 Apr 10
I think this is a very common problem with everyone. I too face such problems at times. Please do not worry much about this.
@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Apr 10
hi haiershen yes today mylot has loaded slowly and I just sat here gritting my teeth and muttering load, load, darn it. which of course did not help at all. Sometimes it would really open up and load like it should so do not know why other times today have been' utterly frustrating.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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