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@tessah (6622)
United States
April 17, 2010 12:17pm CST
when going over really old discussions of yers to decide who gets "best response" do you read every response youve gotten over again to make the decision? how do you decide who is better than the others?
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@MsTickle (24992)
• Australia
23 Apr 10
It varies Tess. It can be the person who I feel is mostly on the same wave length as me in the discussion or the one who adds the best value. It can be the one with the most detailed response or the one who has the most interesting response. It can be long or short but it's usually someone who I feel knows where I am coming from and whom I get the best reaction from. The person doesn't have to agree with me but if they give me pause to think and maybe even change my opinion, then they're possibly a to speak/for what it's worth.
@tonyllenium (6267)
• Italy
18 Apr 10
it depends from the topic sometime i cna give a best response to a user gave the most precise and trusted answer in other case i can give a best response even to the most original answer or good view one!!
@gemini_rose (16193)
18 Apr 10
Sometimes it is really hard to make a decision, but I do go through everyone's responses and narrow it down to a few and then make my decision from there.
@Opal26 (17691)
• United States
18 Apr 10
Hey tess! Oh yeah, by the way thanks for the BR's! I appreciate them always! I do go back and read through my discussions and I have so really long azz ones! Sometimes I get really crazy knowing that I can only pick just one and don't think I can do it and think that I can't, but know I have to! It is a difficult decision and quite frankly I hate that mylot admin puts us in that position! But, whatever they do and we must!
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
17 Apr 10
Yeah, I think it is logical to go over each response again because we obviously won't remember each response by hard and making a rushed decision might mean giving the best response to the "wrong" person. Each response would have its own quality, but normally most people will give the best response to the response that stands out from the rest or a response that speaks personally to the discussion starter. But if a discussion starter feels that the best response should be given to two or more responses, then he or she will have to make a decision on the "best" one to give it to and perhaps send an encouraging message to the other respondents. Getting a best response means a lot to someone, so one needs to be wise too in giving it out.....