Child-bearing age and career?

April 18, 2010 5:34am CST
I just listened to an interesting discussion on TV about womens chance to have a career whilst being in a child-bearing age. I never had a problem with this and being a married, childless woman has - as far as I am aware - not yet cost me a job interview or appointment. But I remember a friend looking for a new job when she was 26 and recently married - she was well qualified, but hardly got a job interview. She blamed her child-bearing age and the perceived risk of employers that she'd be pregnant soon and they have to pay maternity leave for the fact. Do you think this issue of discrimination still exists? Maybe more in smaller than larger companies were the financial risk can be more damaging?
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@JAYMAR777 (840)
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
It is a clear sign of discrimination. Almost all countries have the law against such discrimination but it really depends on the affected party if he/she would really fight for his/her right. I think your friend needs to seek legal advices for this one. This is not an issue of the company's size but an issue of the law.
20 Apr 10
Absolutely - it is discrimination. But it is really difficult to prove. Nobody will tell you that you weren't invited for an interview for that reason. So it is not as clear cut as you would think.